Beyond Columbus- The Other Explorers

Food for thought from A Disgruntled Haradrim (And by the gods, I love that name…)

Phenderson Djèlí Clark

zhenghetravels Everyone knows that in 1492 an Italian sailor named Cristoforo Colombo sailed the ocean blue, stumbling across what we would eventually come to call the Americas. But while his voyage may have been the first of its kind, he was by no means the first explorer. With the exception of the Americas, the late medieval world from which Columbus emerged was one of long-established contact, as trade and curiosity sent out earlier explorers, seeking across both land and sea.

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2 responses to “Beyond Columbus- The Other Explorers

  1. thanks for the repost! and so liking that you “get” the name. 😉

  2. Welcome! And how could I not? I must admit to a little envy it never occurred to me to do that…! 🙂

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