On Social Justice and Writing

The Star-Dusted Sirens

As a woman of color and a social justice activist, I’m always happy when I find fiction that accurately represents the world we live in. You know, fiction that shows all kinds of people as people, not as stereotypes, not as tropes, not as Other in comparison to a white Western Christian default. Stories that don’t assume everything outside that small framework is strange and exotic, whatever that even means.

But because our world—and for us Sirens, our North American society—is full of assumptions about people and the way they supposedly are, of course we’ve all internalized them. It’s hard to go against that, harder still to do so successfully in an industry that often doesn’t recognize its own problematic ideas. (See this post as an example of what I’m talking about.) So I applaud people with the courage to try to go against the grain and tell other stories…

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