Steampunk Hands Around the World – Announcement

I am on board!

Airship Ambassador

Steampunk, in all its forms and expressions, and the people of the community, are truly amazing.

Steampunk is not dead as some people proclaim and wish it to be. True, some individuals never liked it, some lost interest, and some found it didn’t meet their personal needs or expectations. For the rest of us, however, steampunk is vibrant with creativity and potential.

To show that, my latest project, Steampunk Hands Around the World, a month-long event of blogs, videos, chats, and get-togethers, will present examples from around the world of that vitality and personal connection. With today’s technology, there is no barrier of distance nor language, and every steampunk everywhere can participate.

Every individual, group, region, and culture brings something unique to the expression and evolution of steampunk in our community. Every thought and action adds to the inspiration and excitement of what we create as a whole. Books, music…

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