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3rd of August sees Suna Dasi at the Summer Fete for Longitude Punk’d!


Suna Dasi will be travelling to London soon to perform at the Steampunk Summer Fete in honour of the 300th celebration of the Longitude Act at Queen’s House next to Royal Observatory, Greenwich.


If you happen to be in the area, entry is completely free and the event opens with a waltz. Interactive events all day will merge Longitude Punk’d with the fictional characters of The Clockwork Watch (winners of a Starburner Courier Award for services to the Steampunk World at this years’ San Diego Comic-Con International). Suna will help bring the diversity through portraying one of the Clockwork Watch’ main Indian characters.


The Clockwork Watch: The Transmedia Experience project has incorporated diverse characters from its very inception and to be able to finally collaborate is fantastic.

Also, Sunday Driver UK are playing at 15.00!

Sunday Driver Main Stage


For more information, see link below and

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