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Via Anachronauts Digest: Clocking Off Late Presents: The Tinku Diaries

The Tinku Diaries is an interactive journey of discovery, taking participants deeper into the ‘make believe’ Steampunk world of Clockwork Watch, a story told through live events, graphic novels, an online newspaper, and film.


Read the full article:


Artwork by Jennie Gyllblad for graphic novel ‘Clockwork Watch: The Arrival’ by Yomi Ayeni and Corey Brotherson

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Time Out Tickets for Clocking Off Late

Time Out Ticket Offer for Clocking Off Late: with Ziazan La Diva, Emilly Ladybird, The Frolick, poet Kelley Swain and Suna Dasi as The Clockwork Watch: The Transmedia Experience’s Tinku Ranbir.


Blending the Georgian era with Victoriana, Longitude, Astronomy, Steampunk and the history of The East India Company at The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

18+ event due to the free flowings of Gin…

This is part of the ongoing Ships, Clocks and Stars Exhibit in Greenwich.


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Clocking Off Late and Clockwork Watch: A Background Story


“Traders to the World: East India Company Event Announced


The East India Company is to promote its activities, and those of its trading partners around the world, at a show in London on November 13th.
The event will showcase the influence of company’s trade and power, tracing the changing relationships between Britain and Asia.

The East India Company transports key commodities to different locations and many people around the world. Its recent success in championing the sale of Hodgson’s Indian Pale Ale, and Clockwork Automata has made it one of the the world’s most successful companies.

Hosted by a special guest, the event will run for one evening in the Traders Room at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.”


As seen in the Clockwork Watch London Gazette:

Tinku Ranbir In Despair At Being In London

When guests were invited to the Queen’s House for a Summer Fete in August, many didn’t realise they were going to get a firsthand insight into the personal, and what seems tragic, world of the Ranbir Family, who are current residents in the Royal House. The Ranbir’s arrived in the country several years ago, at the request of the Queen.

Chan Ranbir, a kinetic engineer at Calcutta University, and heralded as the man who put “Great back into Great Briain”, developed the heart that powers the latest craze of domestic labour being championed by industry and the government.

Tinku, wife of Chan, and mother of Janav, left her personal journal in public view. It was deemed to be part of the exhibition, and perused by members of the public.

©Suna Dasi

The diary talks about being ‘wary of those around me”, and the level of politicking she is being subjected to.

Visitors to the house witnessed the rumoured ‘frosty atmosphere’ between Lady Frobisher-Pilbeam – the Queen’s Emissary to Science, and Tinku.

The House has declined to make a statement, but reiterated its position not to respond to rumour. A copy of a page from the journal was handed to the London Gazette by a member of the public.”

Will we get a deeper insight in these matters during the Clocking Off Late event on the 13th of November? Or will the cracks of personal intrigue close and shall we merely see a splendid evening of music from the Frolick, craftmanship from Lady Emilly Ladybird, science talks and more? Will perhaps the gin further a loosening up among those present?

Time Will Tell!


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Tickets are now for sale for the Clocking Off Late event on the 13th of November:

An evening of Georgian era inspired activities with a generous helping of Steampunk from Clockwork Watch at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich!
The evening offers music by The Frolick, a talk by poet Kelley Swain on her book Double the Stars on the life of the brilliant astronomer Caroline Herschel (pictured)


The event will also host a pub quiz, and a Georgian wig making workshop, so do, by all means, don your finery and become part of the jollity…


Clocking off Late will also provide a new encounter with Clockwork Watch character Tinku Ranbir, who will be inhabiting the East India Company wing of the museum this time and once more share her stories with the public.


There will also, Steampunk India has this on very good authority, be GIN.

Come one, Come all for a memorable night at the museum!


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