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Coming Soon in 2017: Steampunk India News

A  belated Happy 2017 to all!
This year there are several music, film and writing projects in the works. While I’m quietly tinkering away at a book, I am pleased to confirm the inclusion of Steampunk India short story Unmade in the Steampunk Writers Around the World Anthology, by Edinburgh based Luna Press Publishing. The anthology is a direct result of Kevin D. Steil‘s annual Steampunk Hands Around the World project. The project connected writers from across the globe, with the result that some of them joined forces to create an anthology of non-Western Steampunk fiction. The editors, Paulo Ramirez-Villaseñor and Josué Ramos, found themselves on a quest for the ideal publishing company and landed on Luna. Contributors besides the two editors include Milton Davis, Ray Dean, Fabio Fernandes, Aníbal J. Rosario Planas, Petra Slováková, Marcus R. Gilman, César Santivañez and Elaine Vilar Madruga.
Release date to be confirmed.
Meanwhile, USA based editor Sarah Hans and Alliteration Ink publisher Steven Saus ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for their Steampunk Universe anthology.
The book, a follow-up to Steampunk World, aims to highlight fiction that includes disabled and aneurotypical characters. It will feature Steampunk India story Internal Devices, which focuses on the carer aspect of being in an LGBT relationship with a disabled partner, in the guise of a swashbuckling adventure.
Release date to be confirmed.
(Cover art for Steampunk Universe, by James Ng.)

In other news: it’s studio time. We are working hard on Erin Bennett‘s upcoming album SXC, it’s honestly a joy to work with someone whose songwriting flies as hard and fierce as this Texan belle’s does! Here is a foretaste, music video ‘Cold & Still’ 

(Photos and Video by Art Attack Films)


We will be hitting the road again in March, keep an eye on Erin’s site for gig dates near you…

Electronica artist Krow is also spreading her creative wings and while live performances will remain elusively rare, brace yourself for the second studio album which is currently under construction. Pagan female rawness at its finest.

(Photo taken at PandoraFest 2016 by Boudicca Records)


As usual, I will be as active as I can furthering equality/normality in the Creative Industries across the disciplines I work in. Plans are forming for a second edition of female-positive music festival PandoraFest which saw its successful launch in July last year. Please keep an eye on any and all channels mentioned above for updates on publication dates, album release dates, gig dates, writing announcements and more!

May you year be filled with creative ways forward towards the horizon of your choice,

Suna Dasi

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