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This scribbling lark…

Steampunk India  was a fancy, then an idea, then a burning desire which intensified over the course of several years. I am impelled into building alternate Indian worlds by my own background and heritage, of which more. Much more.

The experiences, unexpected epiphanies and observations that get caught in the slipstream of that world-building I will record here. At the moment I have no idea how frequent this will be.
I am in the process of writing the stories. They are filled with characters, situations and environments I want to read about.  The first story is up and is called ‘Wheeling and Dealing’. It can be found on the official website.

Meanwhile, I will be here, pondering roots and the awareness of having never set foot in my country of origin nor speaking the language, but continually reaping the results of my genetic mish-mash of ingredients through the response of my surroundings.

Coherence to follow.

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