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Pandora Fest: An Inspiration To Other Girls

Ana Hine of Artificial Womb Zine covers PandoraFest’s Launch Year! Steampunk news to follow hot on the heels of this beautifully supportive piece on my other endeavours.

Artificial Womb

IMG_7792Well, Pandora Fest needs to happen again next year. The eclectic festival, which aims to celebrate women-led music, took place last month at Duncarron Medieval Village near Stirling. Although the amount of festival attendees was small, the line-up was impressively varied and the whole event had a cozy, friendly vibe.

Many of the artists were passionate about the politics behind the event. Vodun front-woman Chantal Brown explained: “It’s needed, it’s necessary. Until things are equal, either take a seat or support it.”

The London-based three-piece have just released their first album Possession and their live set demonstrated the power of their heavy rock, afro-centric sound. “It’s a celebration of the religion of voodoo, the people who practice it and its history,” says Chantal. “The last few weeks have been really, politically, horrible – with people feeling disconnected and turning against each other. We’re trying to take it back. Saying that…

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August 8, 2016 · 16:29

Steampunks, Stand & Be Counted!

The Scrappy Storyteller


“Steampunk, in its many forms, brings people together in an inclusive and helpful network of similar mind. From sharing book and music review opinions, to playing the newest games and sharing DIY information on fashion and props, the steampunk community easily and comfortably brings together people ages eight to eighty in ways not often seen in other communities.” – Steampunk Hands Around the World

Truly one of the greatest things about fandom is the camaraderie that develops between individual fans. Get passionate people together (whether at a local event, a regional gathering, or  national convention), surround them with a shared narrative and aesthetic, and you’re bound to nurture more than a few friendships.

Steampunk is no exception.

In fact, I think a lot of us would suggest that steampunk is one of the most friendly fandoms out there. In particular, the internet (or the “aetherwebs” and “aethernet,” as we steam-folk sometimes…

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January 24, 2014 · 20:09