The Latest Gupshup*: Coming Soon!

I am woefully sporadic when it comes to blog updates, so thank you all of you who have born with me so far, you are appreciated!

There have been many moves and shakes in the last year; I have had some major perspective shifts as a writer, a musician and a queer brown woman, all of which I’d like to share here. It’s been somewhat of a journey..

If you can stand to bear with me a little longer, consider this a placeholder for a more expansive post in which I will try to articulate some of the things that have been happening, as openly and honestly as I can!

For now, enjoy the delight of this hundred and fifty year old harmonium, which was preposterously offered up for FREE on one of the UK’s biggest personal ads magazine.

We saw this amazing piece of history, went for it like a shot and Harriet is now proudly standing in the vestibule of our art collective building (more on that!) in the Scottish Borders.

So, keep an eye out, I promise I’ll be back in the swish of a sari’s dupatta.

* Gupshup: (Hindi) Chit chat, casual conversation, gossip!

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